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Why so Yellow?

Yellow looks great on a king cake, but not so much on your teeth.

One of our most frequently asked questions is “why are my teeth so yellow?”

Teeth can darken for a variety of reasons. Everyone knows that tea, coffee, and wine can stain teeth, but often the culprit is the dentin inside your teeth. Dentin itself is darker and more yellow than the white enamel on the outer surfaces of your teeth.

Over time, loss of enamel can lead to your teeth looking darker. The best way to prevent this is avoiding acidic foods and drinks and using toothpaste with fluoride.

Of course, it’s not a lost cause if your teeth are already dark. There are several different methods for whitening the underlying dentin from whitening strips to in-office bleaching.

The chemicals used for whitening penetrate through the enamel to lighten your teeth from the inside. This is the most effective and reliable way to whiten teeth.

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