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Night Guards

There are many reasons that you might want to have a night guard. If you are having minor jaw pain or if you clench and grind at night, then a night guard might be a great option for you to alleviate your symptoms


We can make one for you here at our office. All we need is to have you come in for an impression, which we will use to form the material around your model. This provides a comfortable, custom fit for you at night.

When you wear your appliance, we suggest wearing it consistently every night and that you clean it by simple brushing when you remove it in the morning.

Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletes often risk damage to their teeth while playing their sport. In order to protect your teeth while playing sports, we offer mouth guards. They are made of a flexible, plastic material that fits over your teeth.

Play your sport with the security of knowing that your teeth are protected.

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Mouth Guards

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