Our Doctors


When Dr. Feducia graduated dental school in 1981 and moved back home, she became the first female dentist in Shreveport. After working as an associate, she decided to start her own practice, and she's been in the same location since 1983. Her practice has grown and changed over the years, but she's always made sure to provide excellent care in a friendly environment.

Although Dr. Gray grew up in the office, she did not initially want to pursue a career in dentistry. However, when she began working as an assistant at the office the summer before starting college, she realized that this may be just the place for her. She continued assisting throughout her years at Centenary College, further strengthening her desire to be a dentist. She spent four years in Glendale, AZ at Midwestern University and earned her Doctor of Dental Medicine degree May 2017. 

Marian E Feducia, DDS


A graduate from the LSU School of Dentistry in New Orleans, Dr. Feducia has been practicing dentistry in Shreveport for 39 years. Over her years in practice, she's been committed to providing affordable, quality dental care.

After hours, Dr. Feducia can be found gardening at home and at the office, watching movies, and spending time with her family. Her husband, Bob Gray, has a sailboat, and they both enjoy summertime sails on Cross Lake.

Samantha M Gray, DMD


As a recent graduate from Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine in Arizona, Dr. Gray is ready to start working with her mother and carrying on her legacy in dental care. She is excited to incorporate new technology and techniques into the office.

Outside of work, Dr. Gray enjoys spending time with family, especially her 6 nieces and nephews. She is also an avid baker, making cannoli, cream puffs, and macarons for her friends and family.

Our Staff
Kelly Strickland,
Office Manager


Kelly has been working for Dr. Feducia for 28 years, and they've been a great team. She has experience as an assistant, but Kelly has spent most of the past years managing the front desk. Hers is the friendly voice that you'll hear when you call the office.

Rachel Feducia,
Dental Assistant


Rachel is Dr. Feducia's niece and Dr. Gray's cousin. She has been working for Dr. Feducia for the last 8 years. She took a year off to finish up her bachelor's degree, but now she's back with us. We're so glad to have her here working in the back office as dental assistant for both doctors.