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Don't Let the Cold Get You Down

Are sensitive teeth getting you down? Do you love these sweet treats, but feel like they'd have to melt for you to eat them? 😬

We have some tips to help you out!

1. Use Sensodyne/general sensitivity toothpaste. This one takes time to have an effect, though, so don't give up! Brush 2x/day for about 2 weeks to see improvement.

👉 Pro-tip: a periodontist (gum specialist) once told a patient of ours to place Sensodyne over her teeth at least 1x/day and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing. After a few days, her sensitivity was gone! Sometimes, the easiest solution really is the best 😁

2. Try our Fluoride Trays to help with more severe sensitivity. Fluoride does wonders for your enamel in the right amount! Fluoride increases the remineralization of your enamel which reduces the exposure of your nerves to cold foods like ice-cream 🍦 Our disposable trays come in a set of 2 (upper and lower), and are only $50 for a 4-pack!

3. See a specialist for gum recession. A common cause of sensitivity is receding gums. Usually, this is a minimal amount that occurs over time, but if severe enough, it may be best to see a gum specialist (periodontist). There are techniques that will lower your gum-line and reduce sensitivity.

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