• Samantha M Gray, DMD

Why Fruit Isn't Always Your Friend

Getting the last taste of those summertime flavors? They might not be as good for your teeth as you think 😬 Find out how you can still enjoy them and have a healthy smile! 😁

👉 Acidic foods may taste great, but they spell disaster for your enamel. Enamel protects your teeth and is the hardest/strongest material in your body (unless you've had reparative surgeries or are Wolverine 😉), but even enamel has a weakness. Acid causes demineralization of the enamel, eroding away that protective layer.

The good news is that your saliva acts as a natural buffer to keep your teeth at a steady pH. Foods and drinks that have a low pH, however, can overcome the effects of saliva and leave your teeth vulnerable to erosion.

What to Avoid:

- excessive intake of fruit juices, lemonade, Cokes, wine, and beer throughout the day

- using a hard-bristle toothbrush right after meals (your enamel is slightly "softer" then and abrasive brushing will wear away enamel)

What You Can Do:

- use a straw to reduce exposure of your teeth to acidic drinks

- drink a glass of water after meals/snacks (this helps your saliva buffer the pH of your mouth)

- eat fruit with a high water content instead - grapes, watermelon, and cantaloupe are great!

- wait about 30 minutes after eating/drinking before you brush your teeth (this gives the enamel time to remineralize)

- ALWAYS USE A SOFT-BRISTLE TOOTHBRUSH --- @getquip is a great product for this!

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