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For those patients with missing teeth who either cannot afford implants or whose bone is not stable enough for implant placement, removable partials or dentures are a good option for replacing those teeth.

Traditional Dentures

There is a multistep process involved in making a denture that is going to fit as good as possible. We will take an impression of the arch where you are missing teeth and send it to the lab. They will make a piece of wax that fits in your mouth so we can mark where your new teeth need to be and how you want them to look.

Once the size and look of the denture is determined, the lab will send us back a set to try in before the final acrylic denture is made. We have you try out this set to make sure that everything functions well and that you are satisfied with how they look. We then have the lab process your final denture.


After the delivery appointment for this final denture, there maybe some adjustments that need to be made. Dentures can be difficult to adjust to, especially on the lower arch. We will accommodate you for as many adjustments as you need.

Removable Partials

If some of your teeth can be saved, then instead of a full denture, we would be able to make a partial denture for you. Unlike full dentures, partials are usually made of a cast metal base with acrylic layered on top. The process is very similar for making them, but we may prep the adjacent teeth so that the partial can snap into place and function like natural teeth.

Implant-retained Prosthetic

Unlike traditional dentures, which rely on retention to stay in place during talking and eating, implant-retained prosthetics are supported by multiple implants and use these implants to maintain stability during normal functioning. 

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